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We are a large thirteen member family with many little cowboys and cowgirls. We all work with horses and cattle every day. We have witnessed serious horse wrecks that leave a lasting effect on both horse and rider. Our family members are as precious to us as your family is to you. This is the basis for our training and sales program: SAFETY!!!!!!! Because of our extensive ranching history and accrued horse knowledge and experience that put us in a unique position to match you with your perfect horse.


Most of our horses are born and raised right here on the J-S. They are the result of our reputation stallions mated to our fancy ladies. These colts spend their first years on range as part of a range herd. When the opportunity arises we purchase additional cow bred horses from area ranches. Cow horse bred horses are used on working ranches because they have been bred through genetic selection to withstand the mental pressure and confusion of working cattle and still remain calm and cool headed. We feel this bred in; cool headed nature is of utmost importance when considering rider safety. There are very few horses that can process the extreme activity and confusion of working cattle, but the cow horse is able to because he is bred and trained to do so.

We take these cow bred horses and train them to be the kid broke, bomb proof, safest finished ranch horse of your dreams. These ranch horses are in high demand by individuals or families wanting the most steadfast and level headed horse possible. Our ranch horses not only have been bred to be a steadfast horse but also have been trained and exposed to an incredible range of varied challenges and experiences that have desensitized them to the normal over reaction seen in conventionally trained horses in an arena setting.


Before you purchase your new horse we would like to invite you to our Montana Ranch and spend time with the soon to be your horse. You will receive riding pointers if needed and an opportunity to ride him, first in the arena and then under the Big Sky. Your new horse is anxious to show you what his world looks like. This chance to bond with your horse makes both of your transitions a lot smoother. Sometimes, if you would rather, we will come with your horse and personally introduce the two of you and spend the time needed to help you bond together.

SAFETY AND MATCHING HORSE AND RIDER IS OUR TOP PRIORITY. Let us use our multigenerational accrued knowledge of horses and horse training to find you the most perfect and safest horse for you and your family.

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