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"If anyone is looking for a great broke horse these people are the place to go. What they advertise is exactly what you get, which is hard to find in the horse biz. Also they are the greatest people to work with. They have great broke horses for all levels. I am so grateful for the one I found."
~ Vicki, Montana

"A few years ago I was looking for a ranch trained horse. I have to admit that I really did not understand what a ranch trained horse really was. I had invested a lot of money and over a year of time going to P_P_ clinics and attending an entire course by a P_P_ certified trainer. I located a horse at the J Bar Stenberg Ranch in Montana. Upon arrival at the J Bar S Ranch I immediately fell in love with the horse. They ask me to go with them on a mountain ride and I soon realized that I could not ride a horse outside the arena. The next day I told them how amazed I was at how little I knew. They gave me one on one instruction for 30 minutes on how to actually ride a horse correctly so that the horse understands what you want him to do. I learned more in those 30 minutes than I ever did attending P_P_ clinics and taking his courses. If you want the real deal look no further than the J Bar Stenberg Ranch."
~ D. Chicago

I have ridden Stenberg trained horses for 10 years. They own a cattle and horse operation in Mission Valley Montana. I have worked cattle and rode their horses and I must say they are the best I have ever ridden. They are extremely gentle and willing, there is nothing their horses won’t do for them. The Stenberg ranch horses are treated with respect on and off the saddle and in turn the horses are truly working /family horses. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a true all around horse or a training program for your horse. Go talk to Jerome or Jarrod about getting a great horse.
~Beth Dalke, Nevada

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