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The Pyrs


Odin is the picture perfect Great Pyrenees, big block head, solid white with no markings and stout, with a friendly demeanor. Odin likes to keep his family and property safe as the Great Pyrenees do. He is not a house dog he prefers the outdoors and its freedom.
Our kids say he is a polar bear.


Thor really is a gentle giant in every way. Thor couldn't be a friendlier Great Pyrenees. He absolutely loves his family and property, and is very protective over his territory but you can't walk around anywhere with out having to pet Thor. Thor is big , blocky, and solid! He will hang around the property until he gets wind of a predator than it's time to work. His instinct and personality definitely gets passed along to the puppies. His size and bark are intimidating but he would rather knock you over with his loves, watch you knees.



Freya is the most protective Great Pyrenees we have, not to say our other Great Pyrenees aren't protective but Freya is the first one to chase a car, growl at an unknown and guests that are a bit off, and cover some country. Freya is pure white with no markings. Freya has got such instinct and devotion to family and property. You just can't go wrong with a puppy out of Freya.


Tuva is the most affectionate Great Pyrenees female we've ever had.
Tuva can't be a more family friendly Great Pyrenees she is less of a roamer and tracker. Tuva likes to stick around the homestead and barnyard more than wandering off to go searching for predators. Tuva creates a connection to her family that is a very desirable trait that fits most families needs. Tuva's litters are usually large and do a wonderful job. Don't get the idea that Tuva doesn't protect her home. That couldn't be farther from the truth. She is very protective and it shows with her intimidating bark and deep baritone growl. Tuva has markings with a single black eye.

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