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Red Angus Bull Semen - $25
STENBERG TROPHY 7423 #3765281


Trophy is one of the most powerful performance bulls in the Red Angus breed. His sire McPhee Trophy 036 is a truly impressive power bull and the son of the highest performing and highest selling cow in breed history. Royce Sensational 14 Registration # 1371326.

Trophy was the high selling Red Angus bull at the 2018 Treasure Bull Test. He gained 4 lbs. per day and had the Herd Sire look that made him the talk of the sale. His mother was our heifer pick from the Sun River Red Angus herd and is truly an extraordinary cow. These great females provide a solid maternal foundation under Trophy’s superb performance genetics. Trophy’s sister is a rock star female.

Trophy has a unique Aberdeen head and a deep chestnut color, use Trophy to add pounds, eye appeal and put the performance punch back into your cowherd.

Red Charolais Bull Semen - $25



Polled and solid red. Ranger was bred and was proven under range conditions. Ranger calves have great length and muscle with great dispositions. His daughters make outstanding cows with great udders.


Ranger provides a rare breeding opportunity to gain performance, color and produce great replacement females. He is a do it all sire that gives the cowman maximum heterosis because of being imported Continental genetics.

Black Angus Bull Semen - $25



509 has proven himself as the standard for range efficient, cattle. He is among the top of the breed for $ weaning – scrotal – docility. 509’s heifers are as good as they come with bred in, no BS range efficiency. When the USDA set out to establish their Range Efficiency Research Herd they chose 509 to establish a foundation bloodline (see the Angus Journal November 2012 “Eyes on Efficiency”.) 509 will reduce frame size while maintaining growth. 509 is unique in that he does this through his ability for extreme early maturity. 509 calves grow very fast up to about 1 year of age and then shut down resulting in a reduced mature frame. 509 will continue to be standard for range cattle production. His legacy will be his broody daughters with their bred in longevity, depth, and ability to easy keep on a frame 5 structure.




972 IS 509’S BEST SON. He carries his sires distinct look and phenotype and stamps his calves with those large nostrils, wide muzzle, extreme length and depth that the 509 line is known for. His daughters are beyond fancy with range efficiency written all over them. 972 is a cow maker and will make those “right kind” of heifers that will mature at about frame 5 and will produce with limited inputs. His bulls are extremely thick with tons of muscle resulting in very heavy weaning weights. 972 has that prepotent ability for early maturity that his sire is known for. His calves are born small, grow like crazy and shut down around a 12 to 14 months. These cattle will grow like a top performance bred Angus but will mature at a much smaller efficient size. They are very docile and easy to work with.

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