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Focused on protecting your family and property since 1978.

The Stenberg Family is a long-time ranch family dating back to 1887 in America and for generations before in Norway.

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In 1976 We were having a huge predator problem with our livestock. We had heard about Great Pyrenees and purchased two male dogs from Carrie Woods in Washington. They were great!!! Within a year we purchased two females from Illinois. We were hooked on these beautiful Polar Bears forever.

Since 1976 they have protected our family and livestock with unbelievable devotion and love. Countless times they have guarded against bear, mountain lion, wolf, and coyote. they have on numerous occasions kept strangers in their car protecting the little children.

We sold three puppies over the years to two in Chicago Lady Judges that were sisters. They had been told by a friend that also was a Chicago Police Captain that the finest and most devoted guard dog was a Great Pyrenees. After they tried the first puppy, they purchased two others over several years.

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We placed a dog with a family from Fairbanks Alaska. They had a special needs daughter that loved to take long walks in the Northwoods surrounding their home. They had an idea that they could teach the dog to bond to her backpack. The intent was that the dog would follow and protect the backpack and girl so when the girl went for a walk with the backpack she would be protected and when the backpack was left at home with the dog, the girl could go to school with no dog interference because the Pyrenees knew she was not going for a walk. They called a year later, and the dog was doing exactly what he was supposed to. That is what a Great Pyrenees is, a protection dog not a guard dog such as a Doberman or Rottweiler which are vicious biting machines. There are volumes of stories about how these gorgeous gentle giants will allow a little child to pull on their lips and ears one minute and a moment later bare his teeth at a threatening stranger.

The Great Pyrenees is a unique animal. There are many guard dogs,’ breeds such as Dobermans, Rottweiler, German Shepard’s, and all of the livestock guard dog breeds. The Great Pyrenees stands alone as a true Gentle Giant with a devoted love towards his family. The Great Pyrenees is the most laid-back gentle dog you can have the pleasure of having around. You will only witness his extreme guarding instinct on that rare occasion when he feels his love ones are in danger. Then enemy beware!!! He will thrust his mighty jaws and massive bulk against any threat be it human, animal or even vehicle.

There are multiple Pyrenees bloodlines that have been developed for the Dog Show World. Many of these bloodlines have solely been selected for their hair coat, set of their head etc. As a result, most of these Pyrenees have not been selected for their original purpose in life. Protection, and thus start acting like a normal dog. Do not settle for normal. We have bred Great Pyrenees with a highly developed protection instinct since 1978 and our Pyrenees have a bred in desire to bond and protect your most valuable asset. You and Your Loved Ones.

We raise the highest quality Great Pyrenees possible. There are guaranteed and are healthy and fully socialized with kids, adults, and thousands of livestock. They are raised in the splendor which is Montana. We would love to provide you with your next family member or herd guardian.

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