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Our pups and their new families/homes

Barney with his girl_edited.jpg

Barney and his
new family

Barney with his boy_edited.jpg
Shine playing with Kenny.jpg

Shine with his Daddy

 Ace with his sibling welcoming Dad home

Mira the "Miracle" loves her new family and they her too! To Quote the..."Her name is Mira. Short for miracle. She is an awesome pup. We have been walking her around the perimeter of the yard. The chickens and ducks are used to her already. And our older dog does well with her. Puts her in her place as needed when too much biting in play. The cats are still on the fence. lol She is very curious and playful. She was confident during the party. We thought it would be overwelming for her but she loved it. Thank you so much for this gift. She is just what we needed.

Mira and Sinopah with family

Floki's mom told me that on his first big day of watching his charges at a campground he would not let anyone into a particular area. His mom tried to walk over to it since it was nice tall grass that the goats could have been eating. He would not let her near that area, she caved in and let him win. But told her husband about Floki's concern so he went and set a trap. Ended up catching a big rattle snake! These dogs  are amazing!!!

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