The J – S is unique among Angus breeders in that we shy away from the latest and greatest genetics. We feel, more than feel we know that the older bloodlines outperform the newer bloodlines. Therefore, we breed time-tested high-performance Angus cattle by using genetics from the past. We have a deep multigenerational passion for raising the best Angus cattle we possibly can. We have produced some great AI sires such as Coalition 509 and Coalition 972.

We are very proud of these reputation breed changers; however, we have always envied what Doug and Molly Hoff were able to build at Scotch Cap Angus. The J bar S Coalition bred cattle excel in maternal traits and were identified by the USDA Research Center in North Dakota as being the premier range efficient bloodline of the Angus breed. What Scotch Cap was able to do was to produce range efficient cattle with immense growth along with tremendous feedlot performance. They basically made their cake and got to eat it to. The J bar S strives to combine the Coalition genetics with the Scotch Cap genetics to produce a range efficient animal with superb growth and performance.

The result is deep and soggy Angus cattle with tremendous growth and rancher eye appeal. We do not breed for or try to show our cattle because we produce the kind of cattle that meet the needs of today’s Rancher not the
4-H Judge.


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