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J bar S Red Angus cattle are bred to be range efficient cattle with extra performance. We are very proud to have produced the high selling bull at the 2018 Treasure Bull Test sale. Stenberg Trophy has become a popular AI sire as his EPD profile continues to impress. His performance on test resulted in an over 4 pound per day gain. Trophy is not only a product of the J bar S, he is an example of what we try to produce. He carries additional weight due to his extra length. He is smooth shouldered and was born with ease. Trophy has a handsome Aberdeen head with large nostrils and eyes to match and a deep cherry red coat. Trophy comes from a rock star cow line that every rancher strives to have a herd look like. His Granddam, Royce Sensational 14 is considered by many astute cattlemen as being the  greatest female of the breed. His sire, McPhee TROPHY 036 is a breed leader in performance and unequalled eye appeal. Trophys calves are tremendous growers. It is very easy to spot the Trophy calves because of their extra size, pay weight, and thickness. Yep we love the Trophy bloodline and they represent what we try to replicate in every Red Angus calf we produce. If you desire high octane, great looking Red Angus cattle. COME HOME WITH A TROPHY!!

Stenberg Trophy 7423

CED   BW   WW  YW   ADG   M  CW  REA
13    -1.7    79  133   0.34  31  40   0.43

Mc Phee Trophy 036 #3765281

Heading 2


Royce Sensational 14

Royce Sensation.jpg
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