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Yep we think we know horses. After all the decades of Stenberg’s raising and using horses, we had better of learned something about them. Here is some Viking Cowboy Logic:

The percentage of horses that are great horses is way smaller than those that are not great, maybe 1 in 500 or less.

Even a great stallion will not compensate for a substandard mare.

A great mare is a rare gem and deserves only the best mating’s and care.

A good trainer can cover up some of a horse’s short comings, but that horse will never be great, it will only meet a minimum standard and is the kind that can cause injury or disappointment.

After over 100 years of raising and using horses we have only owned 3 great stallions


“Buck” a foundation bred Q.H. that produced outstanding offspring with thinking minds. “Buck” was 91% foundation out of a Tuffernhel and Blackburn bloodline.


“Doc” a tank-built horse that produced babies that would think their way through problems. Born in 2000 he still looks like he is 4 years old. “Doc” is sired by Doc A Tari son of the legend himself, DOC TARI.” Only a handful of horses today are so closely related and have the same look and build of one of the greatest Quarter Horse stallions that ever lived. Doc is a stallion that “Casts a Giant Shadow”! His daughters are phenomenal, with no reservation we can say that the “Doc” sired female takes her place at the pinnacle of brood mare bloodlines as “great horses only result from great mares”!!

“Jubal” the truly greatest horse we have ever owned. He is solid black and has the most perfect head possible. He is a complete range stud when he is with his ladies but transforms into a rock-solid cow horse when a saddle hits his back. He passes these traits to his babies making them potentially great horses as well. “Jubal’s” bloodline is remarkable. It combines King Fritz, Doc Olena, Doc Bar, Colonel Freckles, Poco Bueno, Smart Peppy Lena, Dry Doc, Poco Lena and Bueno Chex with incredible conformation and eye appeal and a deliberate thinking mind. When we located Jubal at Weaver Quarter Horses, Stan Weaver, President of the AQHA, thought that Jubal was one of the finest stallion prospects that the Weaver Ranch had produced. We asked Dr. Glen Blogett, Manager of the 6666’s in Guthrie Texas and past AQHA President if we could find a better stud anywhere. Dr. Blogett replied “there may be some as good but none better”. Jubal’s legacy will be his sons and daughters. He is being heavily mated to daughters of “Buck” and “Doc”.


We have run a large number of mares in the past standing three studs at one time to cover them. Our mares have been sold nationwide and are considered reputation female genetics.

In 1993 we purchased a filly by TuferNHell, “Miss Kitty” which turned out to be a great mare. She produced a buckskin filly by Pocos Leo Jack in 2004 named “Fancy” which bred true to her mother and was another great mare. From this foundation we established a cavvy of great mares. These ladies have no serious competition anywhere. Fancy was repeatedly mated to “Doc” and produced multiple future broodmares. These descendants of “Miss Kitty” make up the core of our broodmare band and are mating superbly with “Jubal”. The results are extraordinary. Most colts are solid colored with no white. Lots of buckskins and blacks and they are thinkers and doers. If you can find that rare great horse with a mind you are truly lucky. We are lucky because we are now, for the first time in our ranching history, able to produce a consistent bloodline of exceptional horses. We are very blessed and fortunate. We feel that quality horses are a result of well-planned breeding and time proven bloodlines. This is why we place sooo much importance on the broodmare. Training only develops what was bred in. Trigger was great the day he was born. Roy Rogers only developed what was already there. If you are seeking a truly exceptional horse, we have them. They are fully guaranteed for health and are fully guaranteed for using for the life of your horse. If at some time he needs a training tune up or you desire him to perform at a certain level just bring him back and we will tune him up and maybe help you with your riding if needed. We offer this guarantee because we are so confident in our bloodline, we know you will be overjoyed and completely satisfied in purchasing a J bar S Elite Horse. In short, we fully guarantee your horses health and your riding satisfaction FOREVER!!!



As a multigenerational ranching family, we are appalled at the misrepresentation that takes place in the horse world that cause so much injury and pain. Horses are large, strong and capable of causing great injury to their riders or handlers. We take very seriously our role to represent a horse accurately to a buyer in order to match horse and rider. The Stenberg Family grew up in the saddle and can handle horses in almost any circumstance. We do realize that the future of the Horse Industry is not in producing high octane performance horses for rodeo and events but rather in producing steady ranch horses for the typical horse lover.

When we have a horse that spins on a dime and can bust a cinch on a takeoff, it’s great, however that high octane horse needs to be ridden by a cowboy or eventer and will be represented as a performance horse or cowboy horse by us. When we have a horse that is quiet and steady that we have crossed rivers, been on mountain trails, and herded cattle on range, only then do we feel this horse is worthy of being called a ranch horse, a Ranch Horse does not spin circles in a herd of cattle causing them to spook. NO, a ranch horse has a calm settling effect on both cattle and their rider. This is why a true Ranch Horse is in so much demand, SAFETY!!! Only when we are confident that a horse meets this level of training, experience, and natural temperament do we represent him as a J-S Ranch Horse and recommend him for your family. NO B.S.


The term “Ranch Horse” means different things to different people. At the J – S, a ranch horse is bred, raised, broke, and trained to perform the duties required of him in a western ranch environment, mainly but not limited to, controlling, and moving cattle. Along with these cattle handling skills a ranch horse is exposed and is required to do jobs that only a rancher can probably understand and appreciate. The true Ranch Horse excels as a cow horse but his “bred in” and acquired knowledge base and exposure to “everything that can, and will go wrong” makes him in high demand as a trail horse, a kid horse, a ladies horse, a companion horse, as well as a high performance event horse. The breeding is of utmost importance when choosing a horse. There is way too much of this “sweet personality” talk by people that judge a horse by the way a horse eats sugar cubes from their hands, lifts his feet, or walks in circles in a riding arena. Go on a mountain trail ride sometime with a diversified group of riders and just relax and sit back on your Doc Bar, Blackburn, Poco Bueno, Two Eyed Jack, or like bred horse and watch as all these “sweet personality” horses, trained by some legendary “Horse Whisperer” or “Guru” in an arena and stabled in a stall become totally unraveled when they are asked to perform like a horse and end up being led down the mountain to be put back in their controlled environment.


Ranch horses by birth rite are good headed as they are bred from time honored Foundation Quarter Horse bloodlines. They learn to cope with a wide range of situations early on, following their mothers in a range herd versus growing up in a stall. They are trained with proven techniques by horsemen that will later ride them in the day to day ranch duties that only a very small select group of horses are capable of performing, the Western Ranch Horse.

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