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BIG SKY Suffolks


At Big Sky Suffolk’s we are committed to producing terminal sires for Western Range Producers. With  130 years of being involved with the American Sheep Industry and before that being a sheep family in Norway we feel we have a solid understanding to what kind of range buck is needed to produce the most pay weight on grass and scenery.

We learned long ago that the popular modern tall and fine boned Suffolk greatly reduces pay weight for the range operator. Most white-faced range ewes lack bone and width and need an extreme meat wagon with bone, width, heavy muscle, and over all thickness to correct her shortcomings. The more diversity between the parent breeds, the more the hybrid vigor expressed in the lamb. The Big Sky Suffolk Ram is the most phenotypically powerful animal that we can produce. Our breeding program combines the older time-honored genetics of the past, when Suffolk’s were bred to be thicker and meatier rather than today’s modern lanky animal and then we infuse British Suffolk Genetics with these old-style American genetics.

The result is an animal that displays greatly enhanced traits that are economically important, garnered from each side of these genetic pools. When mated to a range band the smut faced market lambs that are produced will outweigh and outperform standard lambs by 10 to 20 lbs. at shipping time. Our range bucks are sensibly priced to enable a commercial producer to enhance his bottom line. We use a simple pricing formula which is: price of two market lambs = range buck price. We also have seedstock herd ram prospects available and also replacement and seedstock females. Contact us as we would love to explain more about our program.” ONLY A RICH MAN CAN AFFORD A POOR BUCK”


4138 MacCulley 5220 RR.jpg
MacCulley 5220 17 mths of age.jpg

BIG SKY Suffolks Denton, MT recently add MacCauley 5220RR to our Stud Ram battery. This Ram was the 1st place slick sheared ram last year in Sedalia. He is AI sired by URF 645, massive, with a huge rear quarter. While our sheep are known for their thickness and performance, we feel 5220RR will bring more rear end to our herd. Stay Tuned.

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