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Ranger is purebred Charolais, by being straight continental breeding, heterosis is maximized.


Ranger is the $42,000 bull we imported from Canada in 2013. We were extremely impressed with his unprecedented 1000# weaning weight on strong grass range only with no creep along with his extreme muscle and length. He measured a 18” ribeye at 12 months and is homozygous deep red and polled. His calving ease and birth weight on British range cows has been similar to straight British calves. 60 head of mature Red Angus cows birthed 78 lbs bull calves and 74.5# heifer calves on average in the spring of 2015. Ranger’s purebred Charolais calves are very muscled and long and are stamped with his homozygous red color. His first crossbred calves were fabulous in look and growth and outweighed their straight Red Angus herd mates by 50 to 100 lbs at weaning. With his proven calving ease and bred in performance, Ranger will not only be a breed changer for the Purebred Charolais world but his crossbreeding potential has no limitations. There are only a hand full of purebred Red Charolais bulls of his caliber in the world today. Ranger continues to enhance phenotypically while his incredible progeny are proving his worth as a world class sire. Always remember “Rangers Lead The Way”.

Ranger and His Sister.jpg
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