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We get totally bored of reading promotions on how every one’s program and bulls are the best. This is especially the case when you remember that about all these bulls are really genetically similar and their weights mainly result from environmental conditions. The J bar S raises seedstock Angus, Red Angus, and Red Charolais. Our Angus and Red Angus cattle are among the best. We AI breed to the absolute best Sires we can find and cull viciously in order produce the best Angus and Red Angus cattle we can. We constantly strive to produce Angus and Red Angus genetics that will enhance our herd as well as our customers.

Let us cut to the core. If a cowman wants the maximum return from his operation he needs to:
• Produce the maximum pay weight at shipping time.
• Maximize heterosis resulting in an extra 50 – 100 lbs. without any added inputs.
• Provide the feeder with a calf that will outperform all others in the feedlot.
• Enable you as a calf producer to establish a reputation herd that command top dollar premiums thru rate of gain, feed efficiency and carcass.
• Enable the feeder to hit the early spring market which gains $150 per head premium and thus bids up for your calves.

These objectives can be realized by using J bar S Red Charolais bulls on your British bred cow herd. Our bulls are solid red so you will see mostly black calves from black cows and red from red cows, no rat tails, or mousey calves. They calve easy on cows but of course there are better choices for heifers. Their calves will outperform all competition hands down, Guaranteed. You use our bulls and if you do not like your calves bring them back for a full money back guarantee. Compare the upside with the downside. Our range bulls are priced at 2 x the price of a market steer and are fully guaranteed for health, breeding soundness, and progeny performance.

This guarantee applies to our Red Charolais bulls only. We anticipate the calves from our Red Charolais bulls will weigh 10% more than your straight bred calves and will have better buyer acceptance. We know you will be extremely satisfied with our Angus and Red Angus bulls. However, ALL of our British breed bull producers have very closely related herds so while we can talk about phenotype and quality, we cannot guarantee a dramatic increase in calf pay weight. When you use a J Bar S Red Charolais bull you will get a dramatic increase in calf pay weight and price GUARRENTEED!!!


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