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Yep we think we know horses. After all the decades of Stenberg’s raising and using horses, we had better of learned something about them. Here is some Viking Cowboy Logic:

The percentage of horses that are great horses is way smaller than those that are average or below average, maybe 1 in 200 or less.
Even a great stallion will not compensate for a substandard mare.

A great mare is a rare gem and deserves only the best mating’s and care.

A good trainer can cover up some of a poor horse’s short comings, but that horse will never be great, it will only meet a minimum standard and is the kind that will cause injury or disappointment.

After over 100 of raising and using horses we have only owned 3 great stallions.
“Buck” a foundation bred Q.H. that produced outstanding offspring with thinking minds.
“Doc” a tank-built horse that produced babies that would think their way through problems. Doc is old but still looks like he is 4 years old.
“Jubal” the truly greatest horse we have ever owned. He is solid black and has the most perfect head possible. He is a complete range stud when he is with his ladies but transforms into a rock-solid cow horse when a saddle hits his back. He passes these traits to hi babies making them potentially great horses as well.

We have run large mare herds in the past with three studs at one time to cover them. Our mares have been sold nation wide and are considered reputation female genetics. In 1993 we purchased a filly by Tuffer than Hell, Miss Kitty which turned out to be a great mare. She produced a buckskin filly in 20___ named Fancy which bred true to her mother and was another great mare. From this foundation we established a covey of great mares. These ladies have no serious competition anywhere. Fancy was repeatedly mated to Doc and produced 16 future broodmares. We sold 51 mares on year to make room for these stellar matrons. These granddaughters of Miss Kitty make up the core of our broodmare band and are mating superbly with “Jubal”. The results are extraordinary. Most colts are solid colored with no white. Lots of buckskins and blacks and they are thinkers and doers. If you can find that rare great horse with a mind you are truly lucky. We are lucky because we are now able, for the first time in over 100 years, produce a consistent bloodline of great horses. We feel very blessed and fortunate. If you are seeking a truly great horse, we have them. They are fully guaranteed for health and are fully guaranteed for using for the life of your horse. If at some time he needs a training tune up or you can’t get him to perform at a certain level just bring him back and we will tune him up and maybe help you with your riding if needed. We offer this guarantee because we are so confident in our bloodline, we know you will be overjoyed and completely satisfied in purchasing a J Bar S Select Horse.

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