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In 2006 we purchased the natural born bull calf of the Legendary Blackbird 558H. This purchase from Riverbend Ranch, Idaho proved to be a n very important one in the history of our Ranch. Most Angus breeders at that time knew that Blackbird was a tremendous cow, but little did anyone know just how tremendous she really was. In order for an individual animal to be truly great they have to be able to pass their qualities on to future generations. The greatest Racehorse ever was Secretariat. His records still stand today; however, he could not pass his incredible speed on to his colts. The ability to “Breed True” is paramount to being a Breed Legend. The Blackbird bloodlines still produces cattle that look just like and perform just like the Legendary Blackbird herself. Blackbird produced $3.5 million in progeny sales and she herself sold for $520,000. at public auction. The J Bar S heavily uses Blackbird bloodlines today because they are exactly what we breed for in Angus cattle. The Blackbird bulls are thick, deep and muscled while the heifers are extraordinary. The efficient, easy keeping, docile, and fertile females come in a moderate frame however will tip the scale because of their thickness and extreme soggy depth. Time after time the Blackbird bred cow will outweigh cows of similar frame by 200 lbs., solely by their extreme depth and overall thickness. We are part of a large fan base that feel that YR Davis Blackbird 558H was the greatest Angus cow of all time. We feel fortunate that we were able to own a great son of hers that impacted much of the J Bar S Angus herd still today.

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