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Registration No. FFM927443
1601 Yearly Weight
2618 Mature


Dalhia P.png

We imported semen from France on this tremendous polled Full French Charolais bull. A very complete bull, with excellent performance in maternal value as well as carcass quality. Here is a polled sire that ranks high in all the traits that breeders look for – calving ease, performance and maternal value. Dahlia P currently ratios 107 for calving ease 107 for weaning weight, 109 for total maternal merit and 110 for beef capacity. His ratio for carcass weight is currently 110, carcass conformation is 104 and total merit for production beef is 110. Dahlia P has an excellent ranking for docility, calving ease, maternal merit, performance post weaning and carcass weight. We constantly search for exceptional outcross Charolais genetics worldwide, be it full French or Continental Red Charolais. When we use an imported white French bull, we mate to homozygous Red females to get a random Red Charolais calf to enter our program. A ton of research and commitment however our herd proves the rewards of our efforts.

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