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509 has proven himself as the standard for range efficient, cattle. He is among the top of the breed for $ weaning – scrotal – docility. 509’s heifers are as good as they come with bred in, no BS range efficiency. When the USDA set out to establish their Range Efficiency Research Herd they chose 509 to establish a foundation bloodline (see the Angus Journal November 2012 “Eyes on Efficiency”.) 509 will reduce frame size while maintaining growth. 509 is unique in that he does this through his ability for extreme early maturity. 509 calves grow very fast up to about 1 year of age and then shut down resulting in a reduced mature frame. 509 will continue to be standard for range cattle production. His legacy will be his broody daughters with their bred in longevity, depth, and ability to easy keep on a frame 5 structures.

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