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Ranchers all have their own certain type of cattle that not only fit their eye but also those genetics that fit their environment.

We are very impressed with the Riley Brothers genetics and feel their bulls such as R B Tour of Duty 177 #16984170 and R B Traveler 3244 #17906594 mesh with our genetic base making great cattle even greater.

R B Traveler is thought by the Riley Bothers as being the greatest son of Tour of Duty and appears to be on track to surpass his sire in sheer power & performance. Travelers mother Gaffney Rita 115 #16974510 is gaining consensus as being the breeds most powerful female. She is as docile as a cow can get while stamping her calves with nose to tail muscle and performance.

We were very fortunate to be able to acquire some of the very first R B Traveler 3244 #17906594 semen and had his first calves in April of 2016. No B.S.!!! The R B Traveler 3244 calves are extraordinary!!! They are born small not tiny and their growth is explosive with tons of depth and length. We think he is better than his sire.

We are using R B Tour of Duty 177 #16984170 as one of our main AI sires and feel that when he is combined with our heavily bred 509 and 6595 cow herd the results are what we have been striving for and what the cattle industry has been striving for and needs.

CHorse Training — Black Angus Stenberg Coalition 509 in St. Ignatius, MT


509 has proven himself as the standard for range efficient, cattle. He is among the top of the breed for $ weaning – scrotal – docility. 509’s heifers are as good as they come with bred in, no BS range efficiency. When the USDA set out to establish their Range Efficiency Research Herd they chose 509 to establish a foundation bloodline (see the Angus Journal November 2012 “Eyes on Efficiency”.) 509 will reduce frame size while maintaining growth. 509 is unique in that he does this through his ability for extreme early maturity. 509 calves grow very fast up to about 1 year of age and then shut down resulting in a reduced mature frame. 509 will continue to be standard for range cattle production. His legacy will be his broody daughters with their bred in longevity, depth, and ability to easy keep on a frame 5 structures.

Livestock for Sale — Black Angus Stenberg Coalition 972 in St. Ignatius, MT


972 IS 509’S BEST SON. He carries his sires distinct look and phenotype and stamps his calves with those large nostrils, wide muzzle, extreme length and depth that the 509 line is known for. His daughters are beyond fancy with range efficiency written all over them. 972 is a cow maker and will make those “right kind” of heifers that will mature at about frame 5 and will produce with limited inputs. His bulls are extremely thick with tons of muscle resulting in very heavy weaning weights. 972 has that pre-potent ability for early maturity that his sire is known for. His calves are born small, grow like crazy and shut down around a 12 to 14 months. These cattle will grow like a top performance bred Angus but will mature at a much smaller efficient size. They are very docile and easy to work with.

Cattle For Sale Near Me — R B Tour of Duty 177 in St. Ignatius, MT

R B Tour of Duty 177 #16984170

Cattle For Sale Montana — Red Angus LSR TBJ Vision 4805B in St. Ignatius, MT

B A Lady 6807 305 #15679812 Tour of Dutys' Dam

Black Angus Cattle For Sale

R B Traveler 3244 #17906594

Travelers birth weight 84 lbs,
weaning weight 903lbs
yearling 1641 lbs.


Black Angus Cattle For Sale

BLACK ANGUS R B Confirmed 02-424 #18222470

R B Confirmed 02-4524 #18222470 is being used in the spring of 2016 for 2017 calves. Based on pedigree and phenotype we think he will raise the bar even further. We have never seen so much gut and rear quarter in a yearling bull. His mother R B Lady Standard 305-02 #15679812 is one of the best of the best being the full sister to the legendary power bull R B Active Duty 010. R B Confirmed 02-4524 already has over $100 weaning value.