The Ranch is situated in the fertile Mission Valley of Western Montana at approximately 3,000 feet elevation. Five miles to the east the Mission Range make a vertical climb of over 7,000 feet from the valley floor to their elevation of 10,000 feet which makes for an awesome site!

The Ranch is part of the very first cattle operation in the state of Montana. The St. Ignatius Mission founded in 1854 by Jesuit Priests and operated by the Church still today, already had a cow herd of over a thousand head by the time the first commercial cattle herds were starting in other areas of Montana. The National Bison Range is just a few miles away, and wild herds of buffalo and elk can be seen daily from the Ranch.

The Ranch is a breeder of:

Seed stock Angus Cattle and stockbred Quarter Horses.

The Stenberg's also raise beautiful children!

Jarrod & Bonnie Stenberg & Family & Baby Jordan
Joseph & Sara Stenberg & Family
Jade Stenberg (coming soon)


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Born: January 22, 2014
to Jarrod & Bonnie
It's A Boy!
Jordan Stenberg